Dear members of the RGMUN 2020 Secretariat,

The following guide is a marker and indicator on how the briefings and sessions for your respective
topics should be. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for us to convey some crucial information that
we consider is vital to the success of this MUN with you.

As members of the dais, you are spearheading the notion that your delegates will conduct as they
fight against time to produce viable solutions on issues that plague our world today. In a nutshell, you
are helping them shape their experience and in a sense their minds, as they look up to you for
guidance and leadership during the three days of the conference. Crucially, they have entrusted us, to
provide them with an episode that might as well be a factor in their upcoming decisions. Therefore, it
is of the utmost importance that we realize that once in that committee room, we have to be the most
ethical person there is, with a hint of our personalities so as to ensure exciting and intense committee
sessions. What will be key is your ability to put personal and cultural bias aside, and focus on the
challenge or issue being discussed. Transparency is key to finding solutions to some of the world’s
most onerous problems.

As secretariat members, we expect you to be fair, just and honourable to everyone and enthusiastic
throughout the duration of the conference. One challenge we have noticed, over time, is that
members of a dais may inadvertently consider themselves to be better versions of the delegates they
lead, which might cause avoidable problems to arise. You have been specifically selected to your
various capacities because of your experiences and accolades as well as excellent reviews, but at no
time must we feel that we are above the delegates we will serve.
In conclusion, we expect us to conduct ourselves with the highest standards and most gregarious of
personalities. We thank you all for choosing to give us your time and are honoured to be working with
you. With that, we wish you the best of luck as you prepare your respective guides. Happy writing!

Shimar Ahamed
Rotaract Global Model United Nations 2020


1. Letter from Secretary-General

2. Welcome letter from the dais

(a) Must be signed off by all dais members

3. Introduction to committee

(a) Committee logo should be included

4. Introduction to topic

(a) A brief introduction to the agenda provided

(b) Approximately 200-300 words

5. History

(a) Distant and recent history

6. Key issues

(a) A breakdown of all major issues

(b) A comprehensive and clear explanation of each issue

7. Major parties involved

(a) Explanation of relevant governments, international bodies
as well as other organizations

(b) The matter must be neutral, and must not aid any delegate
establishing their countries position with/or against any bloc

8. Timeline of key events

(a) Must be presented in a table format including all the key
events related to the agenda in chronological order

9. Possible solutions

(a) Mention and explanation of each possible solution

10. Focused questions

(a) Add a minimum of 5 questions

11. Key terms

(a) Definitions of important, relevant or difficult terms

(b) Must not be plagiarized

12. Bibliography

(a) Credible sources

(b) MLA format must be used


✓ Page Count 12 – 16 pages

✓ Font – Times New Roman
✓ Font size – 16 (Heading; bold)

14 (Subheadings; underlined)

12 (Guide content; normal)
✓ Please include relevant diagrams

✓ The text must be in 1.15 spacing and justified (applicable

for all matter of content and subtopics)

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